Free State Project Watch: Manchester Candidate List & Profiles 2017

Several Free State Project members — known simply as “Free Staters” — are running for public office this year. Below is a list of known Free Staters running at the municipal level in the upcoming Manchester Primary elections. You can view the individual profile for each of these candidates from the main menu or by clicking on their name.

Ward 3: Selectman candidate Phillip Harris

Ward 3: School Committee candidate Phillip Harris

Ward 4: Moderator candidate Colin Gibson

Ward 4: Clerk candidate Holly Beene Seal

Ward 5: Aldermanic candidate Cameron Barr*

Ward 5: Selectman candidate Cameron Barr*

Ward 5: Selectman candidate Michael Garcia*

Ward 6: Clerk candidate Chandler Blair Gabel*

Ward 8: Selectman candidate William Cerf*

Ward 10: Aldermanic candidate Tammy Simmons (Honorary FSP member)

Ward 10: Clerk candidate Merav Yaakov

Ward 11: Aldermanic candidate Andre Rosa

Ward 11: Selectman candidate Andrew Vermiglio*

Ward 11: Selectman candidate Alexander Avery

Ward 11: School Committee candidate Alexander Avery

Ward 12: Selectman candidate Clarence Gardner*


* Free State Project members with additional roles or volunteer lead assignments with NH Exit or Foundation for New Hampshire Independence, Free State Project off-shoot groups specifically dedicated to organizing for New Hampshire to secede from the United States. See full candidate profiles for more details.

** Honorary is an individual who has worked to support the growth of the Free State Project in New Hampshire. Homegrown is a FSP member who would have moved if another state had been selected.

Granite State Progress is very cautious when compiling lists of Free State Project members. There must be a documented link between the individual and the Free State Project, and it must signal significant involvement or clearly state that the individual is a member of the Free State Project. Due to the cautious nature of our work, it is possible that there are more Free Staters running for office than listed here. Any tips, edits, or modifications are encouraged to be sent to The best tips include links or documentation demonstrating that a candidate is, indeed, a member of the Free State Project.