Manchester Ward 11 Aldermanic Candidate Andre Rosa

Free State Project members sign a pledge to move to New Hampshire and work to change the way of life in our state. They do not move here for a job, or for family, or even because they like what New Hampshire has to offer. Instead, they move here because a political group they are affiliated with voted on a state to move to in order to enact a political agenda, and New Hampshire was the unlucky recipient of that vote.

Manchester Ward 11 Aldermanic Candidate Andre Rosa

Aldermanic candidate Andre Rosa moved to New Hampshire from Southern California as part of the Free State Project in 2011. Rosa has demonstrated considerable ties to the Free State Project, including:

Rosa is a very active member with the Free State Project and the group has even promoted Rosa’s business ventures through their official Free State Project newsletter. The newsletter described Rosa as an artist who had just moved to New Hampshire as a participant in the Free State Project. [Free State Project, Newsletter, September 2013]

In 2013 Rosa was arrested by police in Hooksett for continuing to drive after having his license suspended. Free Staters often refer to these as “victimless crimes” and claim that they should be overlooked. [Hooksett Police, Manchester Man Arrested for Operating After Suspension, July 6, 2013]

In his 2014 campaign for the State House, Rosa accepted Bitcoin for campaign donations. Bitcoin is an anonymous “crypto-currency” product used as a form of money. All but a few of the candidates who have run in New Hampshire accepting Bitcoin have been members of the Free State Project. [Facebook, Andre Rosa for NH State Representative, August 11, 2014 ]

Also during his 2014 State House campaign, Rosa presented himself as a traditional Republican to the general public, but was more honest about his platform when speaking directly to Free State Project members. In October 2014 Rosa appeared on the right-wing Manchester radio talk show Girard At Large and discussed issues like taxes, Common Core, and Voter ID. However, when interviewed by fellow Free Staters in August of 2014 on the Manchester-based podcast Rebel Love Show, Rosa flippantly said his platform was “whatever you want it to be… you know, standard stuff” then settled on “pro gay … pro gun … pro pot … pro coffee … pro love … pro cat spanking … .” (Minute 32:44)

Rosa on Manchester and New Hampshire: “people here love to be kings of their own shit mountain.” During the same interview with Rebel Love Show, Rosa shared his personal feelings on New Hampshire’s culture, laughing with the hosts about the state consisting of the po’dunk and boondocks. At minute 13:12, Rosa states: “We can’t go this line of questioning, because I’ll totally start dissing on Manchester, New Hampshire.” At one point he states: “I want the quality of people to improve here” to which the host responds, “We’ve just got to get more [Free Staters] to move here.” (Minute: 14:05) He also admits in the interview, and laughs about the fact, that he has been kicked out of bars in Manchester. He follows this up with, “I’ve basically come to a realization is that people here love to be kings of their own shit mountain.” (Minute 20:10)

Why is Andre Rosa’s FSP Affiliation Important?

The ultra-extreme Free State Project voted on a state to move 20,000 people to, with the stated purpose to take over state government and dismantle it. The Free State Project seeks to create a libertarian “utopia” void of public infrastructure and common laws, and to use the power of numbers to dramatically change New Hampshire – even threatening secession from the rest of the country.[1] Members like Andre Rosa are actively working to help the Free State Project fulfill those goals.

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[1] “Once we’ve taken over the state government, we can slash state and local budgets, which make up a sizeable proportion of the tax and regulatory burden we face every day. Furthermore, we can eliminate substantial federal interference by refusing to take highway funds and the strings attached to them. Once we’ve accomplished these things, we can bargain with the national government over reducing the role of the national government in our state. We can use the threat of secession as leverage to do this.” [Announcement:
The Free State Project by Founder Jason Sorens]